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7 Highly Effective, Value-Adding Coaching Exercises Guaranteed To Boost Your Own Digital Product & Online Course Sales That You Can Start Using Today...

Whether you sell your own digital products or online courses on a third party platform like Amazon, Udemy or Skillshare or even just from your own local website, you are about to learn how to quickly and easily make considerably more money from doing it...

And without even having to adopt any new-fangled ways of increasing your traffic! 


Read on to find out how you can...

E-learning is a billion dollar industry … and it's still growing.  People are buying digital products and online courses at an unprecedented level.

It doesn’t matter if your course teaches how to setup a home business or setup a home gym, plan out a diet or plan out a sermon, retire in style or style hair, or any of a limitless number of topics, there is a market for your material.

That’s good.  But also, it's bad.

It's good because obviously there's huge potential within the industry to profit from it. 

It's bad because you’re not the only one selling courses on how to get a slice of the profit from your market!

While it’s true people are buying digital products & online courses at an unprecedented level, it’s equally true that people are also creating and publishing digital products & online courses at an unprecedented level.

Sadly, your slice of the pie is getting smaller and smaller every day.  

And This Is Happening Right Now!

It doesn’t matter what your niche or specialty is, the number of competitors in your market will be increasing. 

And that trend is going to continue. 

This expanding market is inevitably, only going to get more and more crowded.

And that over-crowding will hurt your sales.

But I don't want to discourage you or toll the doomsday bell for no good reason...

What I aim to do is HELP you to keep your slice of the pie, and actually show you how you can very quickly and easily grab an even bigger share than your competitors, if you act fast..

One Of Two Things Will Happen As Competition Increases
In Your Marketplace And It Gets More Crowded…

Anyone who faces the reality of competition increasing and their market becoming more congested has a couple of options…

  1. You Can Lose.  It’s simple to do this.  Just keep on doing what you’re doing at the moment.  Pretend that the numbers will rebound.  Ignore your competition.  Don’t worry about having to raise your game.  However, I am telling you the truth… if you continue with a “business as usual” approach to selling your digital products and online courses, you ARE going to get left behind. Or

  2. You Can Win.  This is simple to do as well.  Make a few strategic changes to ensure that you stand out from the competition by doing a handful of things that people in category one above, simply don't know about and aren’t doing.  And that alone will keep you relevant and at the forefront of your market.  And if you know you’re not there yet, then just making these changes will virtually guarantee that you get there.

So, what are the vital elements and how will they help you to sell more of your own digital products?

Obviously, things like “getting more targeted traffic to visit your website” will help.  But you'll be wasting a significant proportion of your hard earned advertising budget if your product or course doesn't have a catchy, attention grabbing title or an effective, high-converting sales page which tells prospects what your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) is. Because, once you eventually do get all these elements into place, your sales will automatically increase.

So, let’s talk a bit more about what the key elements are…

Introducing DigiWorksheets:
7 Highly Effective Value-Adding Exercises For Any Digital Product Publisher Who Genuinely Wants To Learn How To Sell More!

DigiWorksheets is a set of seven worksheets that will help lead you along the path to completely shattering all your previous sales records!

Now look, I know what you’re thinking: “Worksheets?  Really? The answer to my lack of sales? I don't think so!”

Before you start having dreadful flashbacks to your old school classroom, let me explain what these worksheets are and why they are going to become a valuable tool that helps you sell more of your own digital products.

  • Worksheet Definition You Have In Mind:  A document comprised of questions that students must answer in order to gauge their knowledge.

  • Worksheet Definition I Have In Mind:   Half a dozen or so pages that contain valuable information and questions that assist you in planning and accomplishing a specific, desired outcome.

These worksheets aren’t tests of your knowledge. They are tools to help you get things done and get them done fast. Specifically, this DigiWorksheets package is designed to help you plan out and more importantly, take action in 7 key areas if you really do want to sell more of your own digital products.

Let's take a closer look…

Here's What You Get With DigiWorksheets...

NOTE:  You can get Instant FREE Access to one of the key worksheets below if
you're interested in seeing the type of content that's included in each worksheet.

The seven worksheets in DigiWorksheets are super helpful worksheets that will help you achieve great results from with every digital product or online course you ever create.

Printing them out, working through the questions, and putting the steps into practice is guaranteed to increase the number of sales you generate for your digital product.

Each of the worksheets contains two sections…

  1. The Worksheet Segment. Each worksheet primarily consists of approximately 6-7 pages that walk you through all the decision-making steps to plan out and implement each strategy for selling more of any digital product or online course.

  2. A Best Practices Segment.  We’ve also included a page of “best practices” that are designed to help you even more as you plan out and take action to make real progress and get real results in each area!

There are over 50 pages of super helpful worksheets in this DigiWorksheets package.  And if you’re wondering what they specifically can help you with, let’s take a closer look at what's covered now.

 Here’s Why You'll End Up Selling More Digital Products...

Worksheet 1: Adding More Value

What does it mean to “add value” to your product/course?

It means you increase the perceived value of it. This then can increase your conversion rate (as customers realise they’re getting a great deal).

It also reduces refund rates and increases repeat purchases because customers are satisfied. And it even gives you the ability to raise your prices without losing any customers.

This worksheet will help you add more value to your own stable of digital products and courses.

Worksheet 2: Attracting Your Best Prospects Attention

Plenty of your prospects are going to decide whether to buy your product/course or not just based on the title.

That’s why you’ll want to be sure you have an eye-catching, memorable title.

This worksheet goes through an exercise which will help you develop a really captivating title for your product or course in order to grab the attention of your very best prospects.

Worksheet 3: Proactive Positioning

A great way to boost your conversions is to clearly identify and create your own bold and unique selling proposition (USP).

This is a branding statement that lets prospects know how your product/course is different from and better than other similar offerings on the market. In other words, it gives your prospects a reason to buy your product/course instead of a competitor's.

So, how do you create your positioning statement?

You start by doing some research but then need to go through and complete the rest of this exercise in order to really set yourself apart from your competition…

Worksheet 4: Picking The Perfect Price

Picking the right price can dramatically impact your conversion rates.

That’s why you want to walk through all the steps in this worksheet in order to help you work out the optimum price for your product/course.

Just because you’ve picked a price doesn’t mean that it’s the BEST price for the market you're in or the particular platform you're selling on.

You need to determine what price produces the best overall conversion rate whilst optimising your profit.

Worksheet 5: Establishing Your Expertise

Establishing yourself as an industry expert will definitely help you sell more products and courses. Ideally, you want to demonstrate your expertise through two channels:

  • On your sales page. This is where you need to showcase your expertise and credibility through all your various sales materials.

  • Off the sales page. This is where you've built up credibility out in the real world with people having experienced your skills first hand.

This worksheet takes you through a process designed to reveal your credibility as an expert in your field and will certainly help to make prospects want to buy from you.

Worksheet 6: Boosting Conversion Rates

One proven approach for boosting your conversion rate and increasing your overall sales revenue is to get your prospects onto a mailing list and then regularly following-up with them. This requires you to:

  • design an irresistible lead magnet,
  • develop a simple landing page and
  • deliver an effective autoresponder sequence

This worksheet walks you through how to put these processes in place and optimise your future sales by cross-selling and up-selling other products and services (both your own and other people's) to your already receptive audience.

Worksheet 7: Crafting Your Compelling Sales Letter

You could have the best product/course in your niche and still not make very much money from it if you don't have a well-crafted, fully optimised sales letter that converts browsers into buyers.

This worksheet is worth at least 100 times the entire cost of the DigiWorksheets package because it's designed to help you develop your own persuasive sales letter that converts new readers into first-time buyers by walking you through all the essential components of a good sales letter step-by-step!

Right up until and after they've clicked your buy button!

And Remember, Every Worksheet Also Includes A “Best Practices” Section Containing Key Insights That Relate To The Exercise You Need To Complete…

Under the Best Practices section of the various worksheets…

You’ll find three sure-fire ways of adding extra value to your course!

You’ll discover four components for creating a terrific title along with a list of proven trigger words!

You’ll get a four-step process for developing your own unique positioning statement!

You’ll learn a simple four-step strategy for picking the most profitable price for your course! And it'll probably be more than you'd think!

You’ll find two surprisingly simple ways for establishing yourself as an expert that create credibility both on and off your sales page!

You’ll get a proven three-step process for building a huge mailing list and then closing more sales through that list!

You’ll discover the five crucial keys to crafting a compelling and high-converting sales letter!

When You Order Today You'll Also Get These Five Invaluable Bonuses Specially Selected To Teach You How To Attract Ideal Customers On Autopilot and Make Their Buying Decision For Your Products/Courses A Virtual "No Brainer"...

BONUS #1: A Step by Step Guide for Converting Sceptical Browsers into Committed Students Of Your Own High Value Training Course

A well-produced, high-value online Course or eClass along with loads of highly targeted traffic won’t make you any sales unless you understand how to convert your sceptical browsers into happy buyers. This 14 page mini-course walks you through all the key elements in this vital process. If I'm to be totally honest with you, this mini-course is actually worth more than the cost of the entire Digiworksheets program on its own because when you master this skill you are set up for life!

BONUS #2: The Most Consistent Sales Person You’ll Ever Employ: How to Create a Profitable Webinar to Promote Your Course in 14 Days

The person that knows your course content best is you. You are therefore probably the best person to promote your own product or course. And the best way to ensure that your presentation is consistently good is to create an evergreen webinar explaining the benefits of your product or course. Even if you've never created a webinar before, this seven page day by day planner will have you ready to present your own promotional webinar inside 14 days provided you just follow the plan and take the appropriate action.

BONUS #3: The Perfect 4 Part Email Template For Selling Any Course

If you’re looking to boost your conversion rates and get more sales from your database of contacts, then I'll let you into a little secret - one email just isn’t going to cut it, especially with people who have only just joined your list. Which is why you'll love this 4 part email sequence. It takes you from delivering a freemium that you've created from some of your premium product's content through to making an irresistible offer for your premium product that makes the final decision a virtual "No Brainer" for your perfect prospect.

BONUS #4: How to Find Your Biggest Competitors’ Best Affiliates and Get Them Working For You

Smart vendors know that one of the major keys to high volume sales online is a successful affiliate program. And, the best affiliates aren’t looking for new opportunities because so many are presented to them they can pick and choose. And in order to create your own effective affiliate program, then you’ll need to go out and try to recruit these affiliates too. You need to find affiliates with a proven track record. You need to find professional affiliates who are already making loads of sales in your marketplace. But where can you find them and how do you get them to become part of your team. This seven page guide will certainly help you recruit an effective affiliate sales force, with the affiliate recruitment email template that you'll find on page 6 proving really valuable.

BONUS #5: The Top Ten Smartest Things You Can Do To Promote Your Course

The key to selling a lot of products, digital or otherwise, is in taking consistent steps every day to promote it. If you’re unsure what steps you need to take yourself, you’re in luck because you’re getting the 11 smartest things a digital product owner can do to promote their own product or course.  Yes, the report says "10" but there's a bonus item included and that's the one where, and I think many people agree, the real secret to success online can be found. Be interesting to see whether you agree with me too.

By now, you're probably starting to see just how much this DigiWorksheets
program might be able to help you, right?

However, don't go ahead and place your order quite yet, there’s something else that we want to make sure that you understand…

Just So That You're Absolutely Clear...

What DigiWorksheets Is NOT...

We want you to be clear about what DigiWorksheets is, and more importantly, what it isn't.

DigiWorksheets are effectively a series of worksheets comprised of brief, though succinct training notes alongside relevant exercises with clear, concise instructions. These have been taken from a high-end coaching program designed to help students quickly make progress and achieve better online sales results, fast.

It is most definitely NOT a complete, in-depth technical instruction manual on all the different strategies you could adopt to sell a digital product.

On each worksheet, you get an introduction to the topic followed by some instruction you will need to follow. You are then encouraged to walk through a set of exercises designed to help you plan out and implement each strategy. Also included is a page of “Best Practices” for each strategy, designed to help you achieve better results in that area, fast.

Again, DigiWorksheets is categorically not intended to be an exhaustive, comprehensive, all-inclusive training program. It is very deliberately designed to help participants plan and then take specific immediate action in order to make real tangible progress, fast!

As you can imagine we’ve packed a huge amount of profitable information into this quick & easy to complete program!
(54-page curriculum and 40+ pages of bonuses … everything you need to do without overheating your brain!)

I trust you can also see that the bonuses really do add value to the program and will definitely help you achieve the outcome you’re after.

And, on the basis that you see value in programs that teach you how to generate more sales, more customers and more cash, you'll no doubt, now be wondering...  How much is a program like this?

How Much?

Get Your Own Copy of These Proven to Work Coaching Exercise Worksheets for a Totally "Worth It" Investment of Just £27

Create Your Own Lucrative Digital Products & Online Courses To Sell Over And Over Again for £19.95, £49.95 Or Even £197.00 (If Sold With Licensing Rights!)
Your Small Investment In These Worksheets Will Easily Pay For Itself Many Times Over If You Simply Apply What You Learn To Any Digital Products You Choose To Sell In Years To Come.

Now think about it for a moment…

If this course helps you convert just ONE extra customer, it more than pays for itself.  But we both know that’s not the goal here.

The goal here is to…

Get you selling more of your own digital products by growing your own traffic, growing your leads, growing your mailing list, growing your orders, growing your buyers, growing your profits and generating you more spendable cash.

If that doesn’t make the low-cost of this DigiWorksheets program totally “worth it” to you, then simply walk away.  Seriously.  Don’t buy.  Go and get a round of drinks for you and your mates. At the end of the day, your £27 not spent here isn’t going to make that much of a difference to me.  But not buying this DigiWorksheets program could make a huge difference to you.

You just need to decide for yourself whether you really are serious about selling your own digital products and online courses in the future.

It's totally up to you...

Just Click the Add to Cart button Now before the current promotion is over, otherwise you risk finding that the sale is over and cost has gone back up to its Usual Selling Price.

How determined are you to succeed? 

If you need some help with making more sales online, I'm absolutely certain this package will help you.

And, because I’m so certain that you'll get such tremendous value from this DigiWorksheets program I’m prepared to back it up with a totally iron-clad 100% money back guarantee...

My Cast Iron Guarantee - Love Your DigiWorksheets Program Or Get It FREE!

If you’re not absolutely convinced that the information and exercises contained within this DigiWorksheets Program will help you sell more of your own digital products & courses ~ or if you’re unsatisfied with the program for any reason ~ Simply get back to me within 60 days and I’ll refund You every penny.
No questions, No quibbles, No hoops to jump through! Sound Fair?

You can't say fairer than that!

So, now's the time to Order DigiWorksheets totally risk free by clicking the Add to Cart button before the price goes back up.

And, rest assured, the price you pay is the lowest price you will ever see this outstanding package being offered at.

Believe me, when you start using DigiWorksheets for yourself, you too WILL stand out from your rivals even though your marketplace will continue to get increasingly more competitive!

 Get DigiWorksheets working for your business TODAY!

I guarantee, in 3 months' time, you'll be absolutely delighted you did!

Go on - Click Here Now and see if the unique mystery bonus we created is still available on the order page...

Perhaps the best way for you to find out exactly what one of these worksheets includes
is to see exactly what one of these worksheets includes!
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We want you to experience for yourself the excellence of our material in order that you can then make a fully
informed decision as to whether this outstanding package could prove to be of real value to you in the future.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this package and its potential.
As with any business endeavour, there can be no certain guarantee you will earn any money. Please always remember that the ultimate success of every individual depends entirely upon their own efforts, commitment, determination, dedication and desire.

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